KUMA 4G Mobile Internet Wifi Kit is the perfect solution for leisure vehicles when you want to create your own internet hub within the vehicle. Fix the small internal unit out of sight, then fix the aerial to the outside (or inside) of the vehicle and you instantly create a private internet wifi service for the vehicle. The unit connects to a mobile phone network via a SIM card (not included). Customers would insert their own mobile sim into the kit (compatible with all UK networks).

The external aerial also helps to pick up weaker signals that the phone would not be able to detect within the vehicle and can be fixed externally (permenantly) and wired into the vehicle - providing an 'always on' service.

No 4G signal in your area? No problem – The kit is backwards compatible with 3G or even down to 2G speeds.

Including a powerful 28dBi Antenna with 3-meter cable which can work up to with speeds 150Mbps to help improve your signal. Connect up to 5 devices at the same time wirelessly. It’s perfect when on the move or for use on holiday in a Caravan, Motorhome or Boat when standard WiFi is not available.

KUMA 4G Mobile Internet Wifi Kit

SKU: G30785